Even if you don’t have any writers.

pens and pencils
pens and pencils

To design products, you have to write. But I’m not here to convince you. The remaining skeptics shuttered their windows after Intercom’s Senior Group Design Manager Jonathon Colman published a study showing how the world’s most popular apps dedicate over a third of their screen space to text.

Someone’s going to be writing, whether they want to or not. But if you can’t hire writers or enough writers to have a verbal sorceress working on your product, there’s still hope. Designers and product managers can set up a decent writing practice without writers, expertise, loads of free time, or even…

People are still asking.

Most articles explaining content design and its “value” bug me. They focus on how important it is to have someone around to fix your poorly written error messages and your uninspiring empty states. Table stakes, I say. Articles like these underestimate not only content designers, but also their readers.

Okay. Yes. We write error messages and empty states. But these examples (appear to) isolate copy from the design and engineering of an experience. They can be tucked into a comfortable corner of understanding. You do this thing and it doesn’t touch my thing and we all…

Hello, world!

Hello, you!

My friend and mentor Paul Stairmand, celebrity judge, UX writer to the stars, told me you’d probably be wondering who I am, and who the hell this article is for.

Me: UX writer at BlaBlaCar, a sharing-economy platform helping people find other people to carpool with to places far and wide. I use it myself all the time. It’s cheap and fun as hell.

You: Anyone who loves and toils over the power of content in product and design strategy.

Let’s get into it.

When I moved to France to take a job as a Product…

Becky Hirsch

ux writer @spotify. before that @deliveroo + @blablacar

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